Our Next Sale

Ship’s Biscuits this Friday, March 7th

$1.00 per biscuit.



The employees of the Happy Eating Place are learning about life in the early English Colonies.  Those early settlers had a challenging time surviving in the New World.  They brought supplies along with them from England including flour.  One of their staples were biscuits. When food supplies ran low, they made Ship’s Biscuits using flour, salt and water. If there was any lard or shortening available, they’d add that to the dough.  These biscuits, also known as Hardtack, were hard and could last a long time with out the need for preservatives. Perfect for long sea voyages.


Our Ship’s Biscuits were made with butter. We will be serving them with honey on Friday morning.

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HEP Restaurant Venture a Success!

By all accounts our first restaurant venture was well received. The class planned the menu to reflect our current studies on the Columbian Exchange and researched each dish for both origins and nutritional value.  We began cooking on Monday and have been practicing waiting tables and keeping track of orders. The students enjoyed the process immensely, yet found the reality more challenging than expected. A common reflection was that it was difficult having to wait on two tables at a time. That was voiced by several with lots of signs of agreement. Then Clay, our newest member, said he thought it was hard having to wait on 5 tables! Apparently, several of our employees took their dinner break while still having tables with customers.  All in all, we agreed that it was a lot of work but very much worthwhile. 

We grossed over $700.00, less expenses, we will be able to make a donation of over $400.00 to the Alameda County Community Food Bank!  Many families left an additional donation as a tip for the service received. Thank you!

The class has been watching and discussing a movie about food insecurity called “A Place at the Table”.  This movie is a poignant and informative documentary about hunger in America. Its roots and how people are working to make a difference for others. The students are learning that hunger is linked to chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. It is also linked to developmental delays, particularly in babies. Hunger leads to poor concentration levels and impulsivity as well as behavioral disorders. We can make a difference for others and we are proud of the work that so many volunteers across the country do everyday from soup kitchens to lobbying congress for school lunch programs. 

We hope to have another opportunity in the spring to open our restaurant. With the feedback that we have received from families and from each other, we will make some adjustments. Our next theme will incorporate our study of the Colonial Period in US history.


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News from the Happy Eating Place

We raised $68 at our last sale! The Pigs-In-a-Blanket were a real hit, especially the vegetarian option that included a carrot ball wrapped in a biscuit!  We sold 7 of the 8 batches that we made. Remember, all profits will go to the Alameda County Community Food Bank to help hungry people in our community! Hope You Enjoyed it!

Next sale, in December, will be banana bread!


The H.E.P. Team

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Did you know that a sustainably raised pig is a happy pig?

Did you know that a sustainably raised pig is a happy pig?

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The 2013 4/5 Legacy

Dear Fabulous 4/5s,

What a wonderful year it has been, thanks to your spirit of kindness, energy, and generosity. We really have much to celebrate. What I would like to share today is how proud I am of the work you did this year on behalf of others. Specifically, your work on helping hungry people in Alameda County.

There is something about giving to others, helping others, that brings out the best in ourselves. We started our catering business with the idea that we would be creating a legacy project. Something that would continue long after this group of 4/5’s has finished their education here at the Children’s School and moved on to other schools.  In part, there was the recognition that experiencing the outdoor classroom by way of field trips and service learning endeavors was a deeply meaningful way of learning. This group understood that these experiences are valuable and can be expensive. They chose to raise money so that future 4/5 classes could continue and expand the incredible learning opportunities that these opportunities offer.

But that was only part of the group’s effort. They also wanted to give something to help others outside of the school community. We researched different local organizations. Then we came across a documentary about hunger in America called A Place at the Table.  We learned a lot about food insecurity within our country and found out that it exists in almost every community, including Oakland.  The class decided to learn more.

We had already learned the importance of healthy eating earlier in the school year when we studied the human body, then had a unit on nutrition. During these units, we worked with a campus-based group of graduate students interested in teaching about growing food and healthy eating called Camp Kitchen Harvest. They helped us plant our garden and taught us about how to prepare healthy foods for low costs. They explained that a lot of the work they do with kids involves kids in low-income families.  Every class included making a healthy snack.

We also have enjoyed many cooking lessons this year with our Cultures teacher, Ms Mindy.  We love cooking!  Starting a business serving healthy snacks seemed natural for us. We had the great fortune of having Dave Siopack, an expert in finance, as our guide. He taught us about how to start a business, how to budget, and how to make a business plan. Later, he helped us make our own mission statement. 

The Happy Eating Place has been a wonderful vehicle for learning. From math to ethical foods, we have come a long way in our understanding of the importance of eating healthy foods. We are proud of the volunteer work we did at the Alameda Community Food Bank. We are also proud to have raised over $300 to donate to the food bank. We are also proud of the garden we helped expand this year. Our gift to the school is the colorful hoop nets that will protect the plants from birds and other small creatures. These legacy projects will continue through future years as we hope to expand the work and learning with the Happy Eating Place.  Thank you Fabulous 4/5’s!


What will our $300 donation mean? Because the food bank can buy in bulk, each dollar has the buying power of nearly $4.00. So we went shopping on the Alameda County Community Food Bank’s Virtual Shopping Drive.  Here are some of the ways our money could be spent: 

  • 1 case of 24 8 oz cartons of milk, 2 300 lb cases of produce, 90 loaves of bread, and 20 family meals
  • 1 case of 24 8 oz cartons of milk, 1 case of beans, 300 lb of produce, 90 loaves of bread, 1 case of corn, 1 case of soup
  • 3000 lbs of produce
  • 124 cans of tuna fish, 90 loaves of bread


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